Amsterdam City Guide Book Review: Discover the Best Hotspots in the City!

Amsterdam City Guide Book Review: Discover the Best Hotspots in the City! || The Travel Tester
Planning a trip to Amsterdam? Looking for the best places to eat, drink and shop? With our Amsterdam City Guide book review, you will know where to start!

I love it when blogger friends around me create products that help you plan your next trip! That’s why this week, I’d like to show you the Amsterdam City Guide, a book written by fellow Dutchie Anne de Buck from the successful blog “Your Little Black Book“.

I’ve know Anne for a couple of years now and it’s amazing to see her rock the blog and create some many amazing products! Besides the Amsterdam City Guide, she also published the book ‘Wanderlust’ (full of travel and lifestyle tips) and launched an app, and I’m sure there is plenty more awesomeness to come in the next years. 

Let’s have a look at her book on Amsterdam, my sweet old hometown in The Netherlands (so spoiler alert: I might be a bit biased!)


 Amsterdam City Guide Book Review: Discover the Best Hotspots in the City! || The Travel Tester


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About the Writer

Anne grew up in the Southwest of the Netherlands, but has been living in Amsterdam for over 10 years now. After working non-stop on her blog for two years, Anne quit her job as marketing manager and started working full-time on her own business.

She is a true city girl, who loves to spend her time discovering (new) hotspots in cities all around the world. Amsterdam is her big love and on her website Your Little Black Book, you can find restaurant and shop reviews, as well as other handpicked shortlists from the city.

If you find something on the website, it means the place is tried and tested, and the YLBB-team loved it! Because Anne truly is an Amsterdam-expert, you can expect ‘The Amsterdam City’ guide to be full of unmissable hotspots.


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The Content of the Book

With around 200 pages, this book is chock-full of tips that help you plan your trip to Amsterdam. The book starts with practical information on events in each season, followed by transport tips, a small bucket list and 11 lists highlighting the best best hotels, restaurants, markets, shops, bars, clubs and cafes in the city.

Then you’ll find inspiration on what to do when you’re in the city for 24, 48 or 72 hours as you’re introduced to Amsterdam’s most popular neighbourhoods.

The book covers the following Amsterdam neighbourhoods: Oost (East), de Pijp, West & De Baarsjes, Jordaan (Jordan) & Westerpark, Grachtengordel (The Canals) & 9 Straatjes (9 Streets) and last, but definitely not least, Amsterdam Noord (North).

In each neighbourhood chapter, you’ll find a location-specific bucket list, map, walking route, food & drink suggestions and shop recommendations.

At the end of each chapter, there is a little notebook-page, so you can write down any of your own tips!



Photos & Illustrations

The book is small in size, which makes it easy to actually bring along on your trip, and it has a nice airy feel about it. The photos give a good impression on what to expect and there is even space to write down your own discoveries in Amsterdam, so you really can use it as your own little black book.

I also like that for each walking route, there is a small map that gives you a bit of an overview of where all the hotspots are, but I think the book would have been even better with a pull-out map, so you can also read the street names. But I know Anne has just finished creating her Amsterdam City App, so you can use that in addition to the book and use Google maps to find each location more easily.



Practical Use

What I love about this book, is that all of the hotspots are categorized by neighbourhood and that there are 6 walking routes you can follow to see them all. With all the tips coming from someone who actually lives here, you will be sure there are no tourist traps in this book, just local and personal favourites.

Amsterdam City Guide Book Review: Discover the Best Hotspots in the City! || The Travel Tester


Favourite Quote

I love the diversity of Amsterdam, my big tiny city. You’ve got everything here and if you’re strolling around in the neighbourhoods mentioned in this book, each time you will feel like you’re in a little city of its own.” – Anne de Buck



Amsterdam City Guide Book Review: Discover the Best Hotspots in the City! || The Travel Tester


The Travel Tester - The Verdict

Travel Tester Results

If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam (or even if you live there) and you’re looking for hip & happening places to eat, drink and shop, then this is a super handy book for you.

Shaped around all of Amsterdam’s best neighbourhoods, you can pick one of 6 walking routes and simply explore the city on foot.

With the practical advice and bucket list suggestions in this book, you’ve got everything you need to make the most out of your stay in (I think) one of the best cities in the world!


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Title: The Amsterdam City Guide
Author: Anne de Buck – Your Little Black Book
Publisher: Terra Uitgeverij
Language: Available in English and Dutch
ISBN-10: 9089896961
ISBN-13: 978-9089896964

Where to buy: Amazon UK or Amazon USA // (English) / (Dutch)

Disclaimer: I received this book as a gift from Anne, all opinions are 100% my own, as always.


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