One Day In Bremen, Germany? Complete City Break Guide

During my Youth Hotspots Germany trip, we saw the hotspots of Hamburg and now, we make a stop in the city of Bremen.

Bremen is a city with a lot of history, but also if you’re looking for more modern places to eat, shop or drink, you’re at the right place. We walked around a couple of the popular corners of this city and here I’ll share the best ones with you:


The market square is the focal point of Bremen. You cannot miss Town Hall, with in front of it the stature of Roland, a symbol for the freedom of the city. Both are on the UNESCO World Heritage List and really quite pretty.

Other sights are the St. Peter’s Cathedral, the State Parliament and the Schütting guildhall. Just past the Schütting, a narrow lane leads to Böttcherstrasse. The top of the Obernstrasse is the ideal starting point for a shopping spree.

Don’t miss the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians by Gerhard Marcks. And when you’re there, make sure to hold the legs of the donkey for a little more luck in your life. It has helped me tremendously, I must say :) 


Built in the 1920s, this fascinating 110 metre-long lane houses shops and restaurants, museums, workshops and a carillon.

The name Böttcherstrasse derives from the coopers (böttcher) who used to live and work there. Today, this narrow lane is home to arts and craft shops and studios. A local coffee merchant bought up all the houses in the street at the start of the 20th century and had them completely rebuilt in art-deco and brick-built style with the help of architects Bernhard Hoetger, Eduard Scotland and Alfred Runge, pretty much just because he thought it was pretty. And I think it is!


The Schnoor quarter is Bremen’s oldest district and it’s really a maze of lanes lined with little 15th and 16th century houses. So romantic! The word ‘Schnoor’ means ”string’ in German and the houses literally line up like pearls on a string.

The shops at Schnoor are mostly filled with arts and crafts (and tacky souvenirs), but there are also a couple restaurants to relax at.

Weserpromenade Schlachte

The embankment of Bremen is usually buzzing. Here, you can find many restaurants with beer gardens (yeah). There are riverboats (check out the one that serves pancakes!), antique & flea markets (every Saturday).

City Center

Bremen is a great place for shopping, because the city is quite compact and easy to navigate. There are tons of boutiques, fashion shops, department stores, restaurants and culture is all around.

In the historical center, you can find the streets lined with high-end retail outlets, cafes and bars. Some of the buildings are old merchants’ houses of which the ground floors have been modernised. The upper floors still feature the old architecture.

Das Viertel

Das Viertel (the quarter) is just a short walk from the city center and it’s the place to find entertainment, arts, theatres and museums. There are also lots of bars, restaurants and pubs to enjoy yourself all night.

This are is also called the Ostertor/Steintor quarter and it is known for its quirky shops, most of them family run since centuries. The Wallanlagen Park is the best place to relaxed and go for a picnic on a sunny day.

I would also recommend walking around some of the backstreets of the Viertel quarter, as most of the buildings have been decorated with awesome street art. Most of them represent the products sold in the shops as well.

Planning your trip to Bremen

We only had 1 day in Bremen and therefore didn’t have enough time to fully explore the city on a wild shopping spree or pub crawl, so I apologize for the lack of precise addresses. But with this guide on areas to go you, I’m sure you will be able to spend your couple of days in Bremen more efficiently.

Although Bremen is small, I can recommend getting a day pass for the public transport. It’s also a great city to hire a bike and get around that way.

For more information, visit the Bremen Tourism Board website.

So that’s all I can share with you about the HotSpots in Bremen, if you want to see all my Youth HotSpots for Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin in one place, I’ll be adding them to my account on the website of the German Tourism board, so check it out!

Have you ever been to Bremen? What is your favourite neighbourhood and the best Youth Hotspots you found?

I visited Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin on invitation of the German Tourism Board. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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