How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!)

How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester
Wondering how to create vision boards? I'll show you how to start manifesting and work towards achieving your biggest goals.

Are you wondering how to create vision boards? Or are you still not quite sure what the purpose of a vision board is and if you should spend your precious time to create one for yourself?

Since we can’t really leave the house to travel anywhere at the moment, I thought it was a perfect time to tell you a bit about my own vision boards (I currently have two) and show you not only why I believe you should make one, but also how you can easily do this in a few steps.

We’ll look at: the purpose of vision boards, how to make a vision board, things to put on vision board and I will show you some of the best Youtube vision board examples.




How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester


What is is a Vision Board?

Let’s start at the beginning: a vision board is a visual collage of images, text and sometimes samples of objects around a certain theme, used to capture a general idea or feeling about a particular topic in one visual collection.


What is the Difference Between a Mood Board and a Vision Board?

Mood Boards are often used by creatives in fields such as fashion or graphic design as a visual aid to help them put together a certain mood or theme that they would like to convey within a project.

A Vision Board goes a bit deeper than that, and is more focused on certain goals you would like to reach in life.

A bit of a bucket list so to say, but then made visual and really specific for yourself, so you can start manifesting and work towards achieving those goals.


How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester
Top tip for creating Vision Board: BE SPECIFIC!


The Purpose of Mood Boards / Vision Boards

Oprah Winfrey (and also American businessman and entertainer Steve Harvey) is one of the earliest “practitioners” of the Vision Board. They both believe that it is the number one tool to make it clear what you want in life.

Combined with the so-called “Law of Attraction” (the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life), actively visualizing your dreams can become a powerful way to not only focus on what you want, but actually achieving these goals more easily.

In the following videos, Oprah explains really well what is important in your mindset when creating a vision board. Because simple cutting out a picture of a new car or saying “I want to be famous” isn’t going to get you any results.


Oprah talking about how to have dreams come true
Oprah asking Steve Harvey about his believe in vision boards
Steve Harvey talking about The Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction

“If you see it in your mind… you can hold it in your hand”…

Interested to learn more about the Law of Attraction? Then below is the movie you need to see! There is also a book, that will change the way you think and dream forever.

You can pick up a copy here >
What is the purpose of a mood board? Working with The Law of Attraction!


What to Put on a Vision Board?

A vision board really can include just about anything that inspires you, so when it comes to things to put on a vision board, you can choose from printed images and photos to illustrations, fabrics and other textures, different color palettes, words… you name it!

I have found it works best for me if I plan my mood board design before I start looking for images, by writing down a list of exactly all the things I want on it.

Then I go and look for the specific images that convey that wish/goal/dream, either in magazines, or easier: in Pinterest and via Google image search.


Supplies for a Vision Board?

You really don’t need much to make your dreams come true. I used a piece of cardboard, scissors, a printer and double-sided tape.

That’s all folks!


How to Host a Vision Board Party?

Ok, you might be wondering: What is a vision board party and why wasn’t I invited?

Here is the idea: Invite some friends over, get everyone to bring some magazines, a pair of scissors and a glue stick and have some posterboard/cardboard, snacks and drinks ready.

Then it’s up to everyone to start working on their own vision boards, while talking about each others goals for the year.

Sounds like a great way to get over your New Year’s Eve Party hangover, right?!


How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester
The options are endless. Let me know: What do you put on a vision board?


How to Make Vision Boards?


Start by writing down a list of ALL ideas, feelings, words or goals you possibly want from life. Start thinking as big as you can, no limitations. Really write for a minimum of about 15-20 minutes, and don’t ever think at an item that it’s too crazy or unrealistic. If you can think of it, you can get it.

After that first brainstorm, you can divide things in 10 year / 5 year / 3 year and 1 year goals and select what you want to add to your board for this year.

For ideas of goals to add, think about the following seven areas of life: FAMILY, SPIRITUAL, MENTAL, PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, CAREER and FINANCIAL.



Now that you know exactly what you want on your board, it’s time to find visual representations of these things in magazines, on Pinterest or other sources you can think of.

Here, you really want to make sure the images is as specific as possible. If you want new shoes, don’t just add any pair of shoes, add the exact brand, colour, shoe size. Don’t add a picture of a plane to represent ‘travel’, but add a picture of a city in Australia you want to visit.

Actually, what I also do, is photoshop a little bit. Want to publish a book? Create a mock-cover and photoshop it into a book shop display. Want to be featured in a magazine? Add your photo to it, like it’s already been printed!

This is also a great way to go about it if you are wondering how to make a vision board without magazines. Simply get them digital and print them!

Cut all images into the right size you want them and don’t be surprised if you find out that you have way more images than you can actually fit on your final board. It will work itself out!



Get a large piece of cardboard or posterboard that will serve as the background of your mood board. The key is to make it big, so that if you pass it, you can see in one glance what your vision is.

Before you get everything covered in glue or tape, arrange everything first, so you can see if you need to shift around things.

I like printing my images in the sizes 4 x 6-inch and 3 x 4-inch, so they can be arranged easily next to each other since they all have pretty much the same sizes.


How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester
3 x 4 inch photos work great!



Ok, time to get out the paper glue or, if you’re messy like me, rather get double-sided sticky tape, or just normal tape that you fold over to make double-sided.

Don’t worry about making things permanent, you can always remove or add things in the future!



You’ve done it! Your vision board is done!

Well actually, the work starts now. You need to place the board in a spot you will see it daily, so that can be your (home) office or simply on the wall in your bedroom or living room.

Because if you don’t regularly see the board and are reminded of your goals, you will forget about them and won’t take action on them.

Yes, action! You cannot just simply stick your dreams up your wall and forget about them, but you need to keep reminding yourself you have them, need to keep taking action on getting closer to getting what you want and need to keep visualizing yourself as if you have already achieved these goals.


How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester
Part of my work / career vision board – see it fully below!


Vision Board Examples

Have a look of the videos by my favourite YouTubers sharing their vision boards examples and how they made them:


@Lilly Singh on how to create a vision board
@Sorelle Amore shows a different technique and materials for vision boarding
@Lavendaire shows you the power and purpose of a mood board and shows a great example of a vision board that she made in the last few years


My Personal Vision Boards Explained

And then it’s time to share my own vision boards with you. A bit scary putting them online for you to see, but I also strongly believe that you reach your goals quicker if you not only put them on paper, but also say them out loud, so here you go.

I ended up making two different boards, one that is about my life and a bit about work, the other entirely about work and then in specific about my second website The London Tester.

While I wouldn’t normally recommend to make multiple boards, as your vision should be clear as a whole, but in this case I really wanted to focus in on what I wanted to achieve with my niche website specifically, and this seemed like a great way to do it!



How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester
Work Goal Setting Vision Board
How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester

These are the things I would like to accomplish (written as if I’ve already done them, as one should!)


  • I have created a content calendar that gives me a clear focus on what articles to write;
  • After a professional photo shoot in London, I have beautiful photos of myself to use on the blog and for interviews;
  • I have organised an afternoon tea (either in London or in The Netherlands);
  • I have won a blog award for both of my websites;
  • I have pitch a paid campaign – and got it!;
  • I have worked on a campaign with DFDS Seaways;
  • I visited Edinburgh for the first time;
  • I have 10.000 followers on both my Instagram accounts, and can finally use the swipe-up feature;
  • I wrote a feature for a Dutch magazine;
  • I have started building a team;
  • I road tripped the South Coast of England as part of a campaign;
  • I reached 1000 followers on my YouTube channel;
  • I did brand collaborations with Twinings and Craft Cider brands;


How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester


  • I have worked on a campaign as part of English Tourism Week
  • I am part of the Gadventures wanderers team
  • I worked on a campaign with Eurostar, EF Language Schools, National Trust, English Heritage and Visit Britain;
  • I published and sold my first Ebook about London;
  • I have created my first piece of luggage;
  • I have written and published a hard copy book about London


How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester
Yes, I did photoshop and added my logo on various websites and products! One of the best ways to create images for vision boards!



How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester
How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester


  • I have developed a good night routine that has me sleeping better and wake up rested;
  • I have done a first aid course;
  • I have done a 30-day yoga class;
  • We have picked up swimming again;
  • We are pregnant with a healthy baby that will travel the world with us as soon as possible;
  • I have managed to get all my Project Life scrapbooks up-to-date and can start creating new albums going forward;
  • I have fi-na-lly gone to the hairdresser and got my hair looking fresh again;
  • I got invisalign to get my teeth straightened and have smiled a lot more since;
  • I have done a 30-day meditation course;
  • I have lost weight and feel healthier because of it;
  • I have bought a standing desk for the home office and my back thanks me every day for that;
  • I have started growing my own vegetables;
  • I have started propagating succulents;


How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester


  • We have taken a boat ride with friends on the canals of Amsterdam;
  • I have my own space-themed office;
  • I have visited the Kennedy Space Center in the USA;
  • I am a space ambassador for a space company;
  • I have organised a (blog)event;
  • I am part of Lonely Planet’s Pathfinders;
  • We have gone on an outback road trip and finally visited The Kimberly’s in Australia;
  • We have seen puffins in the wild;
  • We have our own cockatoo;
  • I have visited a meteor crater and other moon-like landscapes to write about on the blog;
  • I have flown business class;
  • We have visited Japan again and attended as tea ceremony, as well as visited an onsen spa;
  • We have camped under the stars;
  • I have taken a stargazing course;
  • I am featured in National Geographic Magazine;
  • I have off-setted all my carbon footprint for this year;
  • We have been on a camper trip in West-USA and it was epic!!!


How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester
Yep – Space is a big part of my life in 2020!
How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester
This corner (apart from the carbon offsetting) is probably more likely to be 1+ year away, but never say never!


More Creative Mood Board Ideas

Love the idea of creating a mood board and looking for more mood board topics to work with? How about the following:

  • Wedding Mood Board
    • Visualize everything from the dress to the cake and all the decorations.
  • Web Design Mood Board
    • Think about the colours, fonts, photos, texts, and all the features that your ideal site has.
  • Brand Mood Board
    • Similar to the website mood board, on the brand vision board you think about the look and feel of your company, but also add your ideal audience, tone of voice you’d like to have and everything else that will make you stand out from the crowd!
  • Fashion Mood Board
    • Easy! What is your ideal wardrobe? What items are still missing? What look woud you like to have? Any celebrity styles you want to make your own? Add them!
  • Photo shoot Mood Board
    • Planning to have a photos hoot so you can have amazing photos of yourself for family or your business website? Look for examples from others that can inspire you! Think about locations, editing style, poses, etc.
  • Interior Mood Board
    • If you’re looking to renovate your house, or just want to focus on a specific room or corner to upgrade, add your vision to a mood board! From a living room mood board, to a garden mood board, start manifesting your dreams!
  • Travel Vision Board
    • Last, but in my case, definitely not least, make a travel mood board that captures all your upcoming travel plans. Remember to make the experiences you would like to have as specific as possible, so don’t add a general photo of Japan, but add that tea ceremony you would like to attend, or the cherry blossoms you would like to smell when you’re there.


Hope you got some inspiration from these creative mood boards suggestions and I have explained well enough what is vision boarding. Any questions, let me know!! Go Team Vision Board!



How to Create Vision Boards? (+ Have a Peek at Mine!) || The Travel Tester


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