Lightweight Travel Must-Have: Keen Terradora Mid Hiking Shoes Review

Keen Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots Review || The Travel Tester
Are you looking for a versatile and lightweight, waterproof hiking shoe? Then follow The Travel Tester while testing the Keen Terradora Mid Hiking shoes on short adventures to Iceland and Italy!

If you have read my review of the KEEN Terradora Ethos lightweight hiking shoes, you would know that I’ve quickly become a fan of KEEN’s “Terradora” footwear range. While this brand became famous for their sandals around 2003, they have since become the leader in all sorts of Hybrid footwear that you can use for many occasions.

With their slogan “Shoes Made For Your Lifestyle‎”, they encourage people to get outside more and luckily this year, I’ve been able to do just that! I went on an astronaut bootcamp in Iceland, went abseiling in Northern Finland, hiking in Luxembourg and Italy, Ziplining in Germany, Climbing Churches in Engeland, Riding Camels in Morocco and going on Safari in Sri Lanka. I can’t say I’ve been sitting still this year!

I’ve taken my KEEN Terradora Mid Hiking shoes to Iceland and Italy and below I’ll show you exactly what I thought of them out in the field!


Keen Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots Review || The Travel Tester || #Review #KEEN #KeenEurope #Terradora #HikingBoot #HikingShoe #productreview #outdoor

The Travel Tester - The Anticipation

The KEEN Story

KEEN is not only a footwear brand that has its products manufactured all around the world, but they are also committed to make a difference by giving back and reducing their impact. This shows in all elements of their business:

  • They ensure that working conditions in their supply chain are safe
  • They ensure that workers are treated with dignity and respect
  • They ensure that processes and materials that they use in their products are safe for employees, customers and environmentally responsible
  • They research sustainable chemistry in their manufacturing processes and have been one of the first companies in the outdoor industry to adopt the “Higg Index” (a self-assessment tool used by companies to elevate sustainability in manufacturing) for benchmarking sustainability
  • They give back to the community through disaster relief and a have developed a brand culture of giving back

I really like that this company believes that we all need to strive to do better in life by having better adventures, better experiences and better work days and to make a better world by taking action ourselves. Since 2013, their grant programs have funded over 70 non-profit organisations in 12 different countries, 35 of which in the U.S. alone!

You can connect with KEEN on social media via the hashtag #BetterTakesAction, as well as #KeenEurope and #Terradora for a chance to be featured.

Keen Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots Review || The Travel Tester || #Review #KEEN #KeenEurope #Terradora #HikingBoot #HikingShoe #productreview #outdoor

Time to test! Here, I’m on a mountain top in the Lombardia region of Italy. Not bad!


10 Unique Things to do Around Maggiore Lake and Varese Italy

The Travel Tester - The Experience


In this Keen boots for women review, we’ll go into all the different elements of the product, as part of our (in)famous 5-senses test:

1. What does it SOUND like?

As you could have read in my KEEN Ethos review, this “Terradora” range is part of a movement that KEEN calls TrailFit. What it means is that you turn any trail, mountain or city into an opportunity to get outside and get fit. And these shoes should make it really easy to do so, which sounds great to me!

The Terradora Mid is an ankle-high hiking boot that comes in different styles. I personally always struggle with getting more active and especially when it comes to packing for a trip, it can be hard to find a shoe that allows you to wear it on a hike, as well as in the city and still look good. It sounds that KEEN has thought about this, so it definitely sounds promising.

According to the website, The Terradora Mid is “a truly versatile hybrid for urban or off road adventures, blending the support of a hiker with the flexibility and responsiveness of a trail runner.”

It sounds to me as if this shoe was designed to be functional on multiple occasions on one trip, so let’s have a closer look at the details!

Keen Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots Review || The Travel Tester || #Review #KEEN #KeenEurope #Terradora #HikingBoot #HikingShoe #productreview #outdoor

Best Keen Shoes? Review time to find out!

2. What does it LOOK like?

Where I found the KEEN Terradora Ethos not the sexiest looking hiking shoe out there, I must say that I totally think the opposite about the Terradora Mid shoes. I LOVE the way they look. They are slender, I really like the colour options (it was hard to choose!) and I believe this is the perfect shoe to wear both on a hike as on a more casual occasion.

This shoe comes in different colours with exciting names such as “Duck Green/Quiet Green”, “Astral Aura/Liberty”, “Gargoyle/Magnet”, “Stormy Weather/Wrought Iron”, “Wine Tasting/Tulipwood”, “Dapple Grey/Vapor”, “Raven/Gargoyle” and “Canteen/Marsala”.

Or, as anyone else would call it: green, dark blue & purple, light grey, grey & blue, purple, light purple, dark grey and brown.

I went for the green ones! I think they are very versatile colour-wise and it’s a nice break from all the other brown and grey hiking shoes I already have.

Keen Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots Review || The Travel Tester || #Review #KEEN #KeenEurope #Terradora #HikingBoot #HikingShoe #productreview #outdoor

3. What does it TASTE like?

As I said, I immediately fell for the fresh-looking green pair (but I guess that’s a matter of taste, there is enough choice for every one luckily) and I love the style of the shoes. Finally you can go out in nature without wearing heavy, ugly hiking boots!

Besides the colour, the shoes also have a cushion panel that takes pressure off the achilles for you and there is a “ESS” (I cannot find anywhere what this means, I think it’s a plastic?) stability shank (the part of your shoe that keeps it in shape) for support. Basically what you can see on the photos as well, there is a nice cushion to the ankle area of the foot, while the rest of the shoe is pretty streamlined.

These shoes are practical and they are nice to look at at the same time. Totally my taste!

Keen Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots Review || The Travel Tester || #Review #KEEN #KeenEurope #Terradora #HikingBoot #HikingShoe #productreview #outdoor

Keen Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots Review || The Travel Tester || #Review #KEEN #KeenEurope #Terradora #HikingBoot #HikingShoe #productreview #outdoor

4. What does it FEEL like?

Just like the Terradora Ethos, these shoes are super comfortable to wear. I didn’t have to break these shoes in at all (just like you’re wearing a pair of trainers), which was a bonus! I also love how extremely lightweight the shoes are, with just 12.8 oz / 362.9 grams. That means they are perfect for a short (carry-on only) trip!

I was a bit worried about the fit of the shoes, as it is advertised to have a ‘narrower fit than a traditional KEEN shoe’, which sounded to me as if the shoe could possibly be too tight, as I have quite broad feet (and no clue how other KEEN shoes fit me, since I’d never tried them). But in the end, it turned out fine to order my regular size (EUR 40 / UK 7).

If anything, I would say that the shoe is actually a bit bigger/looser than I normally have. When I walk, I can sometimes hear air escape from the soles, which makes a bit of a floppy sound, but after a while that sound and feeling usually goes away and the shoes have the right size. I can wear regular socks or even thicker hiking socks in them, no problem either way.

The Terradora series is the first by KEEN especially built for women from the ground up. This means they have reduced instep (as women tend to have a slightly higher foot arch) and is a bit narrower towards the heel (our ankle bones don’t stick out so much as they do on most men) to make sure the fit is secure and increases the stability you have. I love it when a shoes take care of me like that, haha!

The sole is actually so flexible, that you can fold it in half, but I didn’t feel during walking that it was too thin. The grip was also good (I only wore them on reasonably easy hikes, but I wouldn’t probably wear these shoes in very cold, icy and wet-rock situations), the soles have 4 mm multi-directional lugs (indentations) that improve the stability and traction of the shoe. This is what makes the shoes good enough for most trail walking.

Keen Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots Review || The Travel Tester || #Review #KEEN #KeenEurope #Terradora #HikingBoot #HikingShoe #productreview #outdoor
Terradora are Shoes by Keen for Women!

5. What does it SMELL like?

The KEEN.Dry® technology gives the shoe waterproof, breathable membrane that lets vapor out without letting water in. That makes them perfect for hiking, because you never know if you’ll be stepping through wet grass or mud or anything like that. I haven’t tested the shoes in REALLY wet weather, or by stepping in a river or anything like that, but when I read around the internet I saw some people who did and they were fine!

The Cleansport NXT™ technology gives the shoe a natural odor control, so when you get sweaty feet (like I always do!), you don’t have to worry! I read a bit up on this technology and basically this is a process of binding beneficial microbes (which are naturally occurring) to the surface of the fabric. By applying these live micro-organisms to fibers, they activate and work to reduce the odor causing organic material. With the partially decomposed organic material broken down, the odor is reduced and the microbes go dormant until reactivated. It’s all natural and non-toxic and really quite innovative!

For cleaning, you can just gently brush the shoe with a soft, damp sponge to remove loose dirt. Stains should be treated immediately with a gentle cleaner.

To add, after using them to go paragliding earlier this year in Iceland, the only thing you could smell was my own fear instead of my feet, which I believe is always a good sign ;)

Keen Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots Review || The Travel Tester || #Review #KEEN #KeenEurope #Terradora #HikingBoot #HikingShoe #productreview #outdoor

The Travel Tester - The Verdict

After our 5-senses test, we’re ready to answer our final (and perhaps most important) question in our KEEN Mid Hiking Boots Review:

6. Does this product make us happy?

OH YES! I am so super happy with these shoes, that I can see myself wearing them for the next years to come. They are comfortable, lightweight and I find them quite fashionable. I had no problem wearing them in combination with a dress, like I did hiking in Italy. I guess I just really enjoy wearing dresses and don’t necessarily believe that for every outdoor sport you need to kit yourself out in typical outdoor gear! These shoes provided me with all the freedom to move and comfort all day long.

10 Unique Things to do Around Maggiore Lake and Varese Italy || The Travel Tester || #InLombardia #InLombardia365 // 10 Unique Things to do Around Maggiore Lake and Varese Italy || The Travel Tester || #Italy #lombardia #travel #travelguide

I know you can’t really see the shoes in the photo above, but just to show you the outfit I matched them with!

Keen Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots Review || The Travel Tester || #Review #KEEN #KeenEurope #Terradora #HikingBoot #HikingShoe #productreview #outdoor

Keen Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots Review || The Travel Tester || #Review #KEEN #KeenEurope #Terradora #HikingBoot #HikingShoe #productreview #outdoor


I hope you found this Keen Review helpful!

The Travel Tester - Practical Information


Women’s Terradora Hiking Trainers & Women’s Terradora Waterproof Mid Hiking Boots >

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How Much?

The Keen Terradora Womens Hiking Trainers Ethos are around £85 / $110 / €110

The Keen Terradora Waterproof Womens Mid Hiking Boots are £110 / $140 / €140

[amazon_link asins=’B071GHCRGD,B071GHCGXY,B0721GLGLR,B071K3GL8F,B072K9XB4F,B06ZYK6J7W, B01H8GI8UM,B01H8GHZU6,B01H8GIYII,B01N2I6I6F’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’thetraveltester-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’9e9bd9e1-8c26-11e8-9d6a-8928fdac2c45′]

Disclaimer : We worked in partnership with Keen Europe to do this Terradora Ethos and Keen Terradora mid review. All photos and opinions are 100% our own. 

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Keen Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots Review || The Travel Tester || #Review #KEEN #KeenEurope #Terradora #HikingBoot #HikingShoe #productreview #outdoor

Style 8
Comfort 9
Practical Use 9
Value for Money 9

Product Review

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