Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey

Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey || The Travel Tester
Are you dreaming of that perfect road trip? With this handy planner, you'll be prepared for an unforgettable car journey!

Nick and I made an epic road trip from Perth to Darwin in Australia. While the scenery along the coast was incredible and we did some amazing things, we had quite a bit of car trouble which was a bit of a spoiler of the trip!

Besides everything breaking down, from the lights to the entire clutch, we also weren’t sure if the tires (and the rest of the car) were good enough to take us on the rugged part between Broome and Darwin, so we decided to skip it. Unfortunately, this was the part of the trip we had looked forward to most, but our car just wasn’t in the right shape to take us here.

In this road trip planner, I’d love to share some of the tips we gathered after making our own long car journey, so the next time you go on a road trip (wherever in the world you are planning road trips doesn’t really matter) you’re a bit better prepared than we were and hopefully can enjoy the journey a bit more as well!

You can read more about our South England road trip here.

Let’s get right into it!

Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Road Trip Checklist

Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey || The Travel Tester


The Travel Tester - Practical Information

Planning a Road Trip: Before You Leave

Every great trip starts with a bit of planning. So before you leave on a long car journey, have a think about the following:


1. Pick the Right Travel Company

I like to start this road trip planner with one of the most important things of making sure your journey will be successful: pick your travel company carefully! Driving with friends or people from the hostel can be fun for a couple of hours, but if you are close together for three weeks, do you still feel the same?

Driving alone can have its benefits, but remember that if you get in any (car) trouble, there is nobody there to help you out. If you can find anyone to tag along with you, you’ll be a bit safer and have probably more fun on the long stretches of asphalt as well :)

I have road tripped with my boyfriend as well as my entire family and I can only say that I found it important to have a bit of space (three people on the back seat is just too much for long drives) and to make sure that you don’t get into things that clearly annoy your travel companions. If you follow there simple rules to start with, you’re already well on your way to a great road trip!


Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey | The Travel Tester

When driving together, you can also split up the time each person has to drive… and see even more!


2. Set up a Loose Itinerary

When you start your road trip, you are probably on some sort of a time schedule, but having some room to breathe in your itinerary is really important, we’ve learned from our own trip. We (ok, me mostly) had planned way to much places to stop at and things to see and do, that sometimes we felt a bit rushed along the way.

I can recommend planning roughly the amount of driving you want to do on a day, figuring out where you would like to spend the night and let the rest in between a bit open for spontaneous decisions. When you bring a good guidebook, the person in the passenger seat can do a bit of reading while you are on your way and if anything interesting comes up either from the book, or perhaps a sign you see at the side of the road, take the opportunity to find out more about it.


Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey | The Travel Tester

We really wanted to see the Pinnacle Desert in West-Australia


3. Decide on your Navigation Techniques

These days, there are plenty of great GPS Navigationsystems available, both for your car-kit or on your phone. But remember that if the battery dies, you will need some sort of a back-up!

So always make sure to get yourself a good route map (like this road atlas for the USA / Australia / Europe and Africa) with not just major roads, but also the smaller ones.

A good travel guide is great for reading more about the interesting towns and stretches of nature you’re passing. I was recently at a launch party of the Guide to the World by Lonely Planet, and it’s a great gift for a travelling friend hitting multiple countries.


Travel Quote | Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey | The Travel Tester



4. Plan where to Stay for the Night

During your road trip, you have a couple of options where to spend the night. You can choose to stay in hotels, motels or hostels along the way, where you park the car and sleep in a proper room (sometimes with breakfast included), but if you’re more on a budget perhaps camping or sleeping in the back of the car can be an option.

For our trip, we chose to sleep in the back of the car. First of all, because the tent that was included when we bought the car turned out to be way too small for us (as in feet and head sticking out from both sides) and because we wanted to be able to sleep at basic (cheap) spots close to nature.

I can recommend investing on a good mattress and finding a way to close the windows at night. We got crafty with towels and clotheslines, but it still felt a bit that we were on public display, so perhaps get some stickers or folding shades o darken your windows.


Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey | The Travel Tester

Our Palace… Ok, Cabin… Ok, Sleeping-Container.


How to Prepare Car for Road Trip?

Making sure your car is in good condition before you set out on a road trip is very important. While it’s usually not necessary to know how to fix the entire engine (unless perhaps you’re driving the Mongol- or Dakar Rally), knowing some of the basic features of your car will really help you out on the road, so do some research on that for your road trip planning. Preparing car for road trips is essential!


5. Know how to Check Basic Car Features

Besides knowing all the buttons on the dashboard, make sure you know how to check if your indicators, interior lights and headlights work (and how to change the light bulbs in them), also check the horn, your windscreen wipers (add fluids if needed), your brakes, transmission fluid, antifreeze and oil (and know how to top this up).

Check any manuals to know what gas/diesel you need and check how the heater and possibly air-conditioning works. Getting your car ready for road trips also means getting ready to learn a bit about the car yourself!


Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey | The Travel Tester

And then the clutch fell out from under our car… not really something we could fix ourselves :(


6. Make sure your Tires are in Good Shape

Your tires are one (well, four. well actually five, also counting your spare…) of the most important parts of your car. So when planning a road trip, make sure they are in good shape to start with. The tire pressure should match the specs in your owner’s manual. And if your tread is low, it’s time to buy new tires. Too much air in your tires can be just as bad as too little, so have that checked as well.

Another thing that you have to pay attention to in most countries, is the changing between summer- and winter tires. Winter tires offer you more grip to the roads in Winter conditions like snow and ice, but in general during low temperatures. When you hit the brakes on a snowy stretch of road at 50km/h, it will take 30 meters to stop using Winter tires, but over 60 meters with Summer tires! This could be a matter of life and death, really!

In many European countries, the use of Winter tires are obligatory (for example in Germany, you will definitely get fined if you don’t have them), but the rules vary in each country, so don’t take a risk and check it out!

The advice is to change tires around the 7 Degrees (Celsius) mark. So when it’s colder, change to Winter tires and when it’s warmer, change back to Summer Tires. As the weather is currently getting warmer, this is the time to change to Summer tires!

In this video you can watch a mechanic explain to you how to change your tires. Doesn’t actually look to hard, but of course you can have someone do this for you.


Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey | The Travel Tester

Driving on the beach? Need your 4WD? Learn about how to deflate your tires so you don’t get stuck! Here is a short video showing you what can happen and a blog on 4WD-ing in Australia.


7. Pack First Aid Kit, Tool-Box and Emergency Numbers

What things to take on a road trip? Well, when packing for a road trip, getting the first aid kit, tool box and emergency numbers ready is one of the most important tasks. The kits don’t have to be super-expensive and complicated, but get a good basic set like this first aid kit, or this Tool Kit.

Also make sure you have roadside recovery included in your car insurance policy. Things will go wrong right when you don’t expect them and in that case it’s better to have them to rely on, even when you rent a car! Get some good travel insurance, so you’re covered for help.

Have a printed road trip list (in case your phone battery dies) of emergency numbers from both the local emergency services as for either your car rental company or the road side assistance.


Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey | The Travel Tester

A Road Trip requires quite a bit of planning, but once you’ve got your basics covered, it’s time to enjoy the ride!


The Travel Tester - Packing Tips

What to Pack for a Road Trip Checklist

Now that you’ve prepped your car, the next thing on your road trip planner is to load it up with other road trip supplies you might need for your trip, so get out that packing for a road trip checklist! To figure out what to bring on a road trip can be hard and you can be inclined to just fill up every space just because you don’t have to carry it. Just remember though, that the lighter the car, the more efficient you drive, so don’t overpack!


8. Gear & Clothing

To help you with your road trip planning, I’ve created a short packing list with all of the basic items to take with you on a car journey. It’s definitely not complete as everyone has a different travel style, but if I missed any essentials, let me know!


Road Trip Packing List:

Here is the complete list with road trip necessities. Anything to add to this road trip check list? Let us know!



Navigational Items
▢ Printed Directions
▢ Route map
Travel guide
Car Coin Holder
(for toll road / snack money)Luggage
Backpack / Suitcase
Day Backpack
Luggage Locks
Laundry Bag
Packing Cubes
Backseat OrganizerClothing & Shoes
▢ Underwear
(for Women and for Men)
▢ Socks / Hiking Socks
▢ Tights / Leggings
▢ Comfortable clothing
(weather dependent,
but think about: jeans / dresses /
shorts / shirts / blouses /
sweater / evening wear / jacket)
▢ Swim Gear
▢ Walking Shoes / Trainers
(also comfortable to drive in)
▢ Evening Shoes
Beach Shoes
Flip Flops
Hat / Scarf / Gloves
(weather dependent)
Travel Towel
▢ Beach TowelHealth & Safety / Road Trip Car
First Aid Kit
Emergency Blanket
▢ Sunscreen + After Sun
▢ Insect repellent
Disinfectant Wipes
Emergency Roadside Flares
Rope / Duck Tape
Jumper Cables
▢ Spare tire
▢ Motor oil
▢ Spare keys
Tool Box
Survival Knife
Sewing Kit
Medications / VitaminsFood Items
Cooler Box
Freezer Packs
Water Tank
Water Bottle
▢ Energy Bars / Trail Mix
▢ Fresh Fruit
▢ Caffeinated Beverages
or Energy Drinks
Garbage Bags

Sleeping Items
Sleeping Mattress
Sleeping Bag
(weather dependent on what grade)
Travel Pillow
Travel Blanket
Mosquito Net
(country dependent)


Important Documents
Travel Wallet
▢ Passport (in Holder)
▢ Drivers Licence
Medical Passport
▢ Emergency numbers
(in Document Holder)
▢ Visa Details
▢ Flight Info & Tickets
▢ Airport Transfer Info & Tickets
▢ Accommodation / Campsite Info
▢ Insurance Information
▢ Cash & Credit Cards
▢ Any Discount Cards
or National Park CardsPersonal Hygiene
Shower Gel
Shampoo / Conditioner
Hand Soap
Toothbrush / Toothpaste
▢ Paper Tissues / Face Wipes
▢ Tampons / Pads
▢ Razor & Shaving Cream
(for Women or for Men)
Nail Clippers
TweezersPersonal Items
▢ Glasses / Contact Lenses
▢ Watch
Ear Plugs
▢ Hair Accessories
▢ Make-Up
▢ Creams and Lotions
(in Travel Bottles)
▢ Hair Gel
Hairbrush / Comb
▢ Jewelry
(in handy Roll Bag)
▢ Perfume
(in Travel Flask)Camping Items
Table / Chairs or Stools
Camp Cooker
Pots and Pans
Plates, Cups & Cutlery
Flashlight / Head Torch
+ extra batteries
ToiletpaperEntertainment Items
▢ Music Player + Charger
▢ Phone + Charger
▢ Laptop + Charger
Camera + Charger
GoPro + Charger
Playing Cards
▢ Football / Soccer Ball
Converters / Power Cord
Snorkel & Mask
▢ Reading Material
Road Trip Journal + Pens
Audio Book
Language Course
Kids Activity Book



Download this checklist for road trip as a printable PDF-document. Please note all links above and in the document are Amazon Affiliate links. If you buy anything through these links, we will receive a small commission. This is, of course, of no extra cost to you, but will help us keeping this website and our travel tips free! Thanks for using this cross country road trip checklist to do your shopping online! 

Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey || The Travel Tester


Still wondering how to pack for a road trip? My tip is to get some handy storage boxes to keep all your gear and clothing in, so that you don’t spend hours upside-down in the booth of your car trying to get something from the bottom of your bag.

There are handy Packing Cubes out there to separate your clothing, shoes and other gear. I would definitely add these to your road trip car checklist.


Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey | The Travel Tester

Good sunglasses can make all the difference!


9. Food & Drinks

Thinking about what food and drinks to add to your road trip necessities list is also very important, because you don’t always have access to a supermarket while on the road. Especially once you hit the smaller towns, you can find that most items will become a lot more expensive as well.

So if you’re asking me what to plan for a road trip, I’d say: make sure to 1) always carry enough water 2) bring enough snacks (because I personally snack a LOT – or I will get grumpy) and 3) think about how you’re going to cook for all your meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Along the way, see if you can stop at any farmers markets. It’s a great place to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables and it’s a great way to meet the local people, taste typical delicacies and relax from the long drive!

And the best tip of all: Bring a Cooler Box of whatever size you can fit into your car. Because nothing is nicer than to have a cool drink during one of your breaks. For example here on this beach on the West-Coast of Australia:


Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey || The Travel Tester

Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey | The Travel Tester

Road Trip checklist for couples: make stops for a romantic lunch or dinner, such as this one we had on the beach!


The Travel Tester - Further Reading

What to do on a Road Trip?

Let’s move on to the next phase of your road trip planner: the actual driving! Because isn’t that the best part? If you are thinking you might get bored on the trip, here are some suggestions on how to spend your time:


10. Music, Fun & Games

Music is the one thing everyone probably enjoys on a good road trip. It’s the songs you hear on the local radio or keep on hearing from your music player that will remind you of all the good times when you get back home.

You can either put together a road trip music list before you leave, or be surprised by the music specific to the area you’re in. But radio’s don’t always work everywhere, so make sure to have some backup songs on your checklist for long road trip and Sing Along!


Here is my own Road Trip Playlist for you to listen to:


Not such a music fan? Perhaps consider downloading an Audio Book, podcast or Language Course to listen to. It’s a great break from cheesy songs and you might actually learn something as well!

Travelling with kids? Tie a Backseat Organizer against the back of the front seats and fill it with colouring books, crayons, their favourite toys, perhaps a disposable camera for them to document the trip. Hold on to the electronics for as long as you can and focus on things they can see out of the window, songs, audio books, license plate games, car bingo, Kids Activity Book, etc. Add them all to your long road trip checklist to never get bored!


Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey | The Travel Tester   Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey | The Travel Tester

Having a break to 1) surf and 2) check out this Emu on the road! Oh the freedom of a road trip!


11. Photo-Spots & Stopovers

Ah, now we get to the good stuff! Of course one of the best ways to take a road trip is to stop often to take pictures, get active or do some serious sightseeing. Before you leave, you can plan some of the interesting places to stop along the way, but keep looking out of the window for roadside signs to help you make some spontaneous stops as well!

You can stop at bigger cities, small towns or even just a viewing area or service station. As long as you take some time to stretch your legs and breathe in some fresh air! If you travel with kids or pets, these stops are essential for keeping the spirit high as well.

With a National Park Pass you can not only enjoy some time in nature, but also use their restrooms (at the visitors center) and go for a picnic, which is a lot better than most of the road-side service stations or greasy fast food joints!


Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey | The Travel Tester

Sometimes you meet a horse wandering around. So of course I had to stop and stroke it! Can I keep him? ahh? ahh?


12. Taking a Break

Another one of the more important road trip tips: Have a break when you need one! There is no use pushing on to that next stop when you’re tired, as you can only endanger yourself (and others!) when you’re not sharp enough to handle quickly. Make sure you have a road trip planner with stops planned in.

Professional truck drivers aren’t supposed to drive more than 11 hours in a 14-hour workday, but you should probably take a break at least every 2-3 hours or so. Stay hydrated and have enough foods to keep feeling well. A stop doesn’t have to be long, but at least 15-20 minutes every couple of hours can make all the difference.

Same goes for when it gets to dark to drive, or as we had on our trip: when the weather suddenly turns bad! We almost got stuck on a deserted sandy road that suddenly got washed away by a huge rain storm! We saw it coming, but pushed on while we had better stopped driving when we still had the chance. Lesson learned.


Travel Quote | Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey | The Travel Tester



How to Save Money on a Road Trip?

Finally in this road trip planner, some more road trip ideas (that you will love, because they are tips to save money!) If you pay a little bit more attention to the way you drive, you can really save quite a bit:

  • Follow the speed limit. There is a reason governments lower speed limits when there is a gas crisis, by driving slower, you can boost your mileage.
  • Avoid abrupt stopping and starting. When you accelerate from a standstill, you use extra fuel. Take notice of the timing of the red lights, so that you reach them slowly and can even see them turn green again without coming to a full stop.
  • If your car has a cruise control, use it when the conditions allow it.
  • Don’t overfill your gas tank and make sure to close the cap well. I read that every year, 147 million gallons of fuel vaporizes from tanks in the U.S. alone!
  • When it’s cooler outside, it will increase your car’s power and mileage. So leave early in the morning or late in the evening, especially in summer. As air conditioners are quite efficient these days, you can turn them on and cause less drag on the engine than driving with the windows open as well.


Travel Quote | Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey | The Travel Tester



Plan your Road Trip with these Expert Tips

  • Planning on a Road Trip in the UK? My friends Peter & Kash went on an epic journey and have some great tips for you!
  • If there is anyone that can tell you about road tripping with a family, it’s Caz & Craig from ytravelblog, who set out to explore their home country Australia by car.
  • Planning an road trip USA? Make sure to check out Amanda’s blog for all nessesary do’s & don’ts or read Tonya’s blog for the best Road Side Attractions you can see during your road trip America.
  • A Great list of Free Road Trip Apps on Mashable.


Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey || The Travel Tester

Ok, so this was not the ultimate road trip car in the end, even though he looked so good!

Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey | The Travel Tester


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The Travel Tester - Save on Pinterest

I hope that all of these tips help you by planning a road trip yourself and that you now know what to take on a road trip! When you make sure you cover the basics and think about your health, safetly ánd entertainment, I’m sure you will have a great time on the road! Have you ever made – or are you planning a road trip? Where to? We‘d love to hear it!


Ultimate Road Trip Planner: Travel Checklist for a Long Car Journey || The Travel Tester


Disclaimer: This article about what to bring on a long road trip includes some affiliate links. We get a small commission when you purchase any products through these links at no extra cost to you!.

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