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Must-Have Travel Scrapbooking Supplies – Complete List

The beauty of travel journaling is that you can create your journal or scrapbook in exactly the way you want! But what are the best travel scrapbooking supplies to get started with?

Well, you really don’t need much to get started, actually. Pfew! Do you have a pen, pair of scissors and some glue or tape? You’re pretty much ready to go!

Of course, if you want to let out all of your creativity, stocking up on some additional supplies will definitely help you in the process – and it doesn’t have to cost much. Let me give you some inspiration in this blog.

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Must-Have Travel Scrapbooking Supplies - Complete List || The Travel Tester



Writing Materials for Scrapbooking

Let’s start with the different types of writing and drawing materials you might want to add to your travel journal kit.


To write down the memories from your travels, you’ll first need some kind of ballpen. I love this Fisher space pen, part because I’m a huge space geek, but also because it’s high quality and works in all temperatures and at any angle – even upside down, under water and in zero gravity! The patented ink cartridge was designed by Paul Fisher for NASA in the 1960’s, which explains the name (and the zero gravity bit).

Other great investments are the PILOT Rolling Ball Gel Pens (these smooth writing, long-lasting and refillable ink pens feature comfortable rubber grips and are available in various point thicknesses) and the Stabilo sensor pens, which I currently use myself (these fineliners use micro-cushioning to adapt to your writing pressure and are available in lots of colours).


Stabilo is one of my favourite brands when it comes to writing/drawing materials and their felt tip pens are also great! Their pointMax ARTY pens give vibrant colours and have fast drying, water-based ink (in 42 colours). The unique robust nylon tip produces bold, crisp lines in 0.8mm line width.

Another option are these 0.7 mm felt tip pens from Paper Mate. They have smear-resistant water-based ink which is quick-drying and like Stabilo also won’t bleed through paper.


For colouring pencils, I’m going to recommend… ok, Stabilo again! They are just a solid choice. Their premium Carbothello chalk-pastel pencils come in 60 colours and can be dry-blended or smudged with either fingertips or a blending stump to create a variety of artistic effects. Partially aquarellable, the pigments can also be used with a brush and water.


Another brand I keep going back to is Sharpie – with their iconic markers and pens. Besides their famous permanent marker in assorted colours (which might not be too suitable for journal pages), they also have fine point art pens and fine point felt tip pens.


One last Stabilo pitch: Their “Swing Cool” highlighters are my go-to. They have a special anti-dry-out technology (you could leave the cap off for 4 hours and still be good to go) and are available in 14 colours (eight bright florescent colours and six delicate pastel shades). Also cool is that they have two line widths: you can use them as 1mm highlighters (to make a line) or 4mm (to highlight a word or sentence). Love them!

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Cutting & Glueing Supplies


A good pair of scissors is a must when you’re going the scrapbooking route. For the best results, you want a sharp pair and for paper, the best ones have small blades, so you can easily cut curves and corners.


There are so many different hole punches to choose from! Of course you have the original ones with 2/3/4 holes for adding papers to a binder, but there are also many with cute shapes to give more interest to your pages.


Sometimes I like to cut my photos with a knife rather than with scissors, so in that case I use a cutting mat. My knife is the 10-095 from Stanley, which my brother got for me in the hardware store :)


For cutting or drawing in your travel scrapbook, having a good ruler is also a must! For cutting I recommend an iron ruler, so you don’t accidentally cut into it.


No scrapbooking is complete without a good glue stick or glue roller. Pritt is always a good choice! They even have special scrapbooking tape.


To be real honest, I haven’t used my bottle of mod podge that much, but if you’re creating the cover of your scrapbook, then adding a layer of this hardening, see-through glue could make it last a lot longer!

Must-Have Travel Scrapbooking Supplies - Complete List || The Travel Tester

Project Life Scrapbooking Supplies

Project Life is a solution-based system for bringing photos and stories together. They have an app and digital version, but I still prefer the good old physical scrapbook!

To get started, you’ll need a project life album and project life pocket pages (either type 1 or type 2). These pocket pages are so clever, you simply slide your photos and other flat memories into them! It’s really scrapbooking for lazy people (like me) – haha!

You can also get special project life lined cards to write on, and there are many more project life items such as dividers, envelopes and cards with cute quotes and designs on them.

Must-Have Travel Scrapbooking Supplies - Complete List || The Travel Tester
Must-Have Travel Scrapbooking Supplies - Complete List || The Travel Tester
My Project Life Page from Mauritius
Must-Have Travel Scrapbooking Supplies - Complete List || The Travel Tester
Envelopes from the Project Life series
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Prints & Papers for Scrapbooking


There are so many different types of scrapbook papers, the list could be long here. So I’ve narrowed it down to the beautiful Japanese origami papers and scrapbook paper with different designs.

Usually scrapbook paper or craft paper is a bit thicker, so it’s easier to work with.

I also found these magnetic page markers, which I think will be a great addition to your scrapbook!

Other paper ideas to add are: drawings, rubbings, food / product packaging, food / product labels, postcards, postal stamps, ticket stubs, receipts, maps, menus, boarding passes, business cards, letters or notes from friends, something written/printed in the local language, cuttings from (travel) magazines, travel brochures, etc. etc.


What is a travel scrapbook without memorable photos in them? Besides the standard sizes you can get at your local print show, I also love to add little polaroids to my albums.

Here you can find the popular Fujifilm Instax mini camera with special film and even a handy printer.

Another fun tip is to find some vintage travel photos in your local thrift shop or market!


On the website of The Adventure Book (which I also highly recommend!), I found these cute travel stationary and country flags that you can print and add to your journal.

Must-Have Travel Scrapbooking Supplies - Complete List || The Travel Tester
Paper Cardstock (from the Project Life series)

Tape, Stickers & Stamps for Journalling


My stamp collection is always growing, they are so great to add to any type of journal!

Have a look at these beautiful wooden travel stamps or these silicone travel stamps.

Must-Have Travel Scrapbooking Supplies - Complete List || The Travel Tester


“One can never have enough Washi Tape” – Old Chinese Proverb.

Or is it?

Either way, I am always looking for more washi tape to decorate my travel journals with, that’s definitely true!

Must-Have Travel Scrapbooking Supplies - Complete List || The Travel Tester
part of my washi tape collection


Just like washi tape, my (travel) sticker collection never stops growing. Online, I’ve found some cool ones:

Must-Have Travel Scrapbooking Supplies - Complete List || The Travel Tester
part of my sticker collection

Natural Embellishments for Journal

If it’s flat enough (and if you’re allowed to take it from the destination you’re visiting), you can also add a bit of nature to your travel journals.

From sand, to pressed flowers, pressed leaves, a bit of tree bark or perhaps some bird feathers – what did you collect on your last trip?

Must-Have Travel Scrapbooking Supplies - Complete List || The Travel Tester
I added stickers, origami paper and tree leaves to my scrapbook from Japan!
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